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Steve Lane is a practitioner in Clinical Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Brainspotting at The Open Door Clinic.

About me

I am a grounded and embodied Psychosomatic Body Trauma Therapist and I work at different capacities supporting people in their process to healing trauma; I provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and nurturing therapeutic space to explore and heal your wounds and reconnect to your body, mind and spirit on a deeper level where you can meet love and wellbeing.

I work with individuals, couples and groups. I create a supported and mindful space where you can deepen your self-awareness towards understanding where you are in life and learn to cope with past traumatic events. You may then be able to integrate, resolve and bring alive the best version of yourself in your present life.

As a therapist working with a wide range of therapeutic approaches to trauma healing, I am profoundly inspired by the transformation my clients experience as I support them through their personal discovery of meaning and growth. We can only learn by experience and I believe that is the power of insight that can bring about change and transformation. 

In our therapeutic work, I encourage curiosity and observation to understand and make sense of yourself and what your life is showing you to learn. My focus is supporting you towards trauma resolution, healing, personal transformation and evolution.

What is my therapeutic approach?

I combine Western psychology with Eastern spiritual teachings and Meditation. I trust my knowledge, experience and professional clinical background (Transactional Analysis Relational Counselling & Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Therapy (Dr. Peter Levine), Energy Psychology, Essence Therapy, Family Constellations (Hellinger), Transpersonal & Existential Therapy, Art Therapy, and Active Meditation. These and many other therapeutic methods I have learnt through my personal process of healing and I continue to expand in my professional and spiritual path and evolution.

I specialise in the treatment of trauma at the core of mind, body, heart and soul with an embodied, integrative and holistic approach to enable recovery. I include the latest advances on neuropsychology, physiology, neuroaffective regulation and brain development to support the therapeutic process. In addition, I use my body somatic resonance, heart energy and my personal and clinical experience to guide and support your healing process in the direction of your recovery and wellbeing.

My approach to working with energy-healing is also multidimensional. It addresses the person as a whole, integrating mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and causal bodies. While learning and allowing with intention, you are fully present and participating consciously in co-creating your healing process, slowly developing resilience and self-empowerment in a trusted, grounded and creative way.  While you learn to use the power of intention into healing, you slowly and lovingly start connecting and accessing true love, kindness, and compassion.

My practice and method includes also teaching psycho-social-education providing SE trauma-informed resources so you learn to take an active roll in your education towards your recuperation process.

My way of working with people is relational, this means that you/I co-create together the way to your recovery. We work towards reconnecting and revitalising the relationship to yourself and others. In our work, you learn to embrace and accept the power of “now” while you look and accept the effects of the past and unpredictability of the future.

Memberships & Registration

Somatic Experiencing Shock & Trauma Licensed Practitioner 

Member of SE* Somatic Experiencing Association (USA, UK, EASE)

Member of Complementary Therapies Holistic Association (CTHA)

Member of EATA (European Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Association)

Over 30 years working supporting people

12 years Clinical Experience

What is Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Healing?

Somatic Experiencing is a method for resolution of Trauma and is taught around the world by the Foundation for Somatic Experiencing founded by Dr. Peter Levine. The method is sometimes referred to as a psycho-physiological approach, or a body-mind therapy. It draws on the latest cutting-edge scientific research coming from fields of traumatology, biology, neurology, psychology, attachment theory, and physiology. Somatic Experiencing also draws on the fascinating research of Steven Porges (The PolyVagal theory) and Alan Schore's research on trauma and attachment issues.

We’ve all heard of the flight or fight or freeze primitive brain biological response. When faced with what’s perceived as an inescapable or overwhelming threat, both humans and animals instinctively use these responses as survival mechanisms. These powerful instinctual mechanisms release a surge of survival energy which, if not discharged spontaneously, can get trapped, literally frozen in time, in the nervous system and muscle tissue. This frozen energy affects our body and mind and alters the conscious or unconscious way of perceiving and living life. It has an important influence in our personality ego structure over time. 

A trauma work session generally begins with establishing a resourceful, positive state, then it carefully approaches the outermost edges of the traumatic experience. Once the client begins to gently touch into difficult events or feelings the therapist helps to make sure that he/she only takes small bites (“titration”) of this material so that the nervous system can handle and support the naturally occurring variations of arousal and response within the body (“pendulation”). Self-regulation, integration and embodiment of grounding is the aim of this therapy.

We work towards integrating  SIBAM  ( Sensations, Imaginary, Behaviour, Affect, Movement) and watch for physical signs indicating the energy release which may come in various forms such as small shivers, deep breaths, hot or cold flashes, change in temperature.

Then, slowly, we allow time for the client to reorient to the present, grounding in the here and now, connecting to inner resources and resolving conflictive states. This natural rhythm and flow is called “self-regulation” of our nervous system that digests traumatic material in the body and psyche.  It is important to allow sufficient time to establish a positive connection in the here and now before entering another movement into the traumatic state. This is why in SE we move one step at a time and allow all the time required for body completion.

SE can be used for any symptom and alongside other therapies.

What is Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy?

Learning to live life by experiencing the present moment is the art of living.

Traumatic experiences are an unavoidable fact of life. At some point in life, it is almost inevitable that life hits hard and we find ourselves suffering a traumatic experience or reliving past trauma which affects and alters the way we live our present life. Sometimes we know deep down something is not quite right and we are not able to verbalise it, make sense of it, or ask for the right support.

Until recently, classical counselling and psychotherapy failed to fully understand and link trauma to natural survival processes gone awry at a neurological level. The client was therefore not being met at the core of her/his trauma which is rooted at the core of the self.

Blending psychotherapy with the body-centred SE Trauma Healing, Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy works with the body’s self- healing intelligence to guarantee powerful new ways of coping with what you couldn’t cope with before.

Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy works by listening to the language of the body and helps to re-establish those powerful physiological/neurological/subconscious mechanisms - allowing them to restore you to perfect wellbeing. Stabilisation and integration of your body, your conscious and unconscious mind, and your spirit, is necessary for your overall well being and is the aim of our therapy.

Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy teaches you to self regulate, integrate and ground your traumatic experience in your body while you reclaim the sense of safety, strength and resilience for coping with life and reclaiming your sense of self. 

Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy works at the core of trauma resolution and re-centres your sense of self to regain wellness and a healthy way of living life.


How is SE based therapy different from other therapeutic modalities?

 ·       SE is not talk therapy. SE engages focused awareness of bodily sensations to engage innate self-regulation and healing.

·       SE helps the individual develop body awareness to "renegotiate" and heal trauma rather than relive or re-enact trauma.

·       SE titrates traumatic material with highly resourced healthy states while maintaining awareness of the bodily "felt sense," and allowing time and space for the highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged.

·       SE naturally builds greater and greater inner resiliency, self-regulation, and wellness.

·       SE is experienced as your own journey of healing/rather than someone else "healing you.” You reclaim self-power, resilience and presence.

What is the therapeutic journey of healing? 

For some, psychosomatic trauma healing therapy is a process and a journey of self discovery towards individualisation or spiritual freedom: who I am as being separate from parents, my partner, my friends, my social group, my work? What do I believe? What do I need? What are my values? What are my strengths and limitations? How do I see myself? Daring to live life requires will-power and determination to be oneself in the polarity of life: in the shadow and in the light of ourselves.

For some others who have had difficult upbringings, it is a way to cope, understand and resolve a wide range of symptoms (depression, anxiety, phobias, anger, shame, guilt, alienation, confusion, fears, unwanted thoughts and feelings) or heal unresolved deep and complex traumas or sub-traumas stored in the body, mind and soul.

What can I expect in my journey of recovery and healing?

As part of your psychosomatic therapeutic healing journey into integration, grounding and re-centring, we look at your life as a whole. We look at the self (who am I?); we look at your primal, developmental, attachment or relational trauma (where did it all begin?); we look at the side effects of trauma: co-dependency, neglect, addictions, burning out, depression, CPTSD, dissociation or fragmentation (where did trauma lead me?). You start the process of transformation (grieving and letting go) and you finally understand why love matters (discover the meaning of love and self nourishment).

Initially, we work together to relieve the symptoms. Later, the goal is to become conscious of the underlying causes, which are often patterns of personality, developed during childhood and youth, but have become unhelpful or sometimes even emotionally harmful.

Slowly you reconnect to your body, mind and spirit and develop resilience, inner power and determination to reclaim yourself in the path of love and transformation.

It is a slow, step-by-step process of understanding and reconstructing life. Your life!

What happens in our first therapeutic session?

First, we ensure that you feel you are in a safe and nurturing space. We ensure you understand the treatment, confidentiality and boundaries and we set up the terms of our therapeutic work ahead ensuring mutual respect and a clear understanding of the work together. An important part of the therapeutic trauma healing work is to always talk about what is happening and how you are responding and progressing to your treatment. 


What are the themes you specialise in and offer support for?

I understand, treat and offer Psychosomatic Trauma Healing Therapy at the core of:   

 ·     Identity

·     Love &Touch

·     Sexual Healing

·     Soul Embodiment

·     Collective Trauma

·     Intimacy & Sexuality

·     High Sensitivity (HP)

·     Body-Soul Integration

·     Boundaries & Consent

·     Circles of Living & Dying


From Personal, Collective & Ancestral Trauma to Healing and Liberation

I have an in-depth understanding at the core of sexual trauma healing, the path for reconstruction into healthy living and the door to love and compassion. For this, I was initiated in the fields of human sexuality and the relationship with the self and healing medicine, immersing and expanding myself into the fields of Sexology, Erotology, Soul Retrieval, The Art of Living & Dying, Near Death Experience, Sacred Geometry, Colour Light, Male-Female Sexual De-Conditioning, Shamanism & Sacred Sexuality Awakening.

I also work in personal and collective family trauma (Systemic Family Constellations Therapy) due to cultural, racial, political, sexual orientation and gender difference. All this is considered as part of healing the wounds of the ancestral lineage in the therapeutic and transpersonal healing process. 

I undertook a six-year study-research project in sexual de-conditioning, Spiritual Shamanic Sexual Healing and Sacred Sexuality Awakening. My research and findings were supported both by my understanding of traumatisation and re-traumatisation leading (or not) to sexual integration, and also “from trauma to sexual healing liberation” leading to a healthy relational sexual intimacy with oneself and others. 



My life's work has given me a deep understanding of the path of meditation and love, the essence and basic ingredients for the alchemy of transformation of emotions and healing.  This is the inspiration for the creation of the Alchemy of Love programs I design and facilitate around the world. 

The Alchemy of love workshops and programmes I designed and run are unique in the field of shadow-ego psychology, energy healing and essence work. Designed for individuals at every level of their personal and spiritual growth. You will learn the fundamental rights of the human spiritual evolution process and this involves taking full responsibility and accountability for yourself and your place in this world.

I practice and teach Active Meditation, Self Inquiry and Awareness of Presence (Satori, Vipassana and Zen practices). I am personally inspired by the great contribution and teachings to this world of Alan Watts, Nikola Tesla, A.H. Almaas, Faisal Muqaddam, Rumi, Kabir, Gibran Kahlil, and Krishnamurti & Osho.

My practice is based at The Open Door Complementary Health Centre in Lewes, Sussex, UK.  I offer 1 to 1 private sessions, treatments and supervision. I also offer Skype sessions. I work in London, Oslo, Helsinki, Spain & Mexico, where I offer deep transformational workshops and residential retreats in my Alchemy of Love Programs. 

I abide by the ethical framework of BACP, EATA, CHTA, and SEUSA, SEUK, EASE.

You are very welcome to contact me!


Different Doors for Different People….

Therapy Methods & Personalised Treatments

Somatic Experiencing* Trauma Therapy & Healing

Somatic Psychotherapy

Family Constellations Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy

Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

Sacred Geometry-Light Therapy

Essence Therapy

Sexual Trauma Healing

Sacred Womb Healing

Sacred Sexuality Awakening

Energetic Revitalising Massage



Every session is held with clear boundaries, set intention and complete confidentiality.

First Consultation & assessment of needs (90 minutes)

On-going one-one or Skype sessions (weekly or every other week: 1 hour)

Extended single session (90 minutes)

Half-day sessions (3 hours)

Whole-day sessions (6 hours)

I offer a 20 min free phone consultation. You are welcome to contact me to schedule a good time to discuss your needs and see in which way I can be of support.

Energetic Body Treatment & 4 Elements Fusion Massage

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Ongoing Therapy Treatment Package 

(Advance payment & renewable for ongoing treatment) 

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 Low Cost Clinic  (Coming soon! )

  Supporting Love in Action Project Clinic (low cost treatment for Complex Trauma), supporting people in need. You are welcome to inquire !

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Residential Stay “all inclusive” Treatment Package (customise program of 2-3 days for single or small group in different locations)

Retreat Immersion Programme (Seasonal). Please inquire for further information.



Somatic Therapeutic Group Process:  (The Sacred Womb & Tiger Love)

Bridges of Love (Family Constellation Group)

Love for Highly Sensitive People

Why Love Matters (Learning Relational love and Touch)

Beauty & the Beast (Addictions & Eating Disorders)



The Sacred Womb (4 modules). 21 days healing personal & collective trauma. (Seasonal Retreats at various locations in Europe)


For information about personal therapy or to participate in any of my workshops you can contact me, Uma Armengol:

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