Karin Wolfsperger

Lymphoedema Therapist. MLD UK and BLS REG

Lymphoedema Therapist. MLD UK and BLS REG

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is used to stimulate the lymph system and encourage lymph flow, promoting the removal of excess fluid and waste products. The lymphatic vessels also carry substances vital to the bodies defence. It is used to improve lymphoedema, post-operative swelling and several chronic conditions.

It is a unique method using a range of gentle pumping actions, moving the skin to direct and increase the flow of lymph. This is achieved by movements over the skin that stimulate the contractions of lymphatic vessels.

My main expertise lies in the management of lymphedema, secondary to cancer and as a primary condition.

Lymphoedema is not always well understood and it is therefore very rewarding to be able to help patients to manage and improve their condition and regain trust, control and better understanding of their body.

Alongside Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Lymphoededema Treatment may include, compression bandaging, skin care, exercises, fitting of compression garments and Kinesio-taping. This is then often referred to as Combined Decongestive Therapy CDT

I teach my clients self-management techniques such as self-massage, self-bandaging, and taping. I guide and support my clients to a better understanding and control of their condition.

People with several other conditions such as, lipoedema, post-operative swelling, chronic fatigue and people who require to stimulate and encourage lymphatic flow, benefit from this treatment.

I qualified as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Lymphoedema therapist and masseur in 1993, and worked in a lymphoedema hospital (Foeldi Klinik) and a physiotherapy practice in Germany until I moved to Hove in January 2000. I have been practicing in the Brighton, Hove and wider Sussex area ever since. From 2001 to January 2018, I provided an NHS-funded lymphoedema service in Brighton and Hove. Alongside my NHS work, I also offered some private treatment. In February 2018, I began extending my private service and I am now dedicated full-time to private work. I run clinics in Brighton and Lewes and also provide home-visits to patients unable to travel to the clinics.