Integral Core Therapy has an integral vision. Integral implies it is made up of several components and that every one of them is essential in how it works. So when we aim to work holistically we need to engage with every facet of ourselves not focus on just one or two. Integral psychotherapy requires the inclusion of all we are. Only then can we become autonomous adults, able to realise and actualise our authentic self.


In dealing with our human psychology, we need to fully include our more ethereal as well as our corporeal aspects. Hence Integral Core Therapy puts spirituality in the forefront. This is not just a nod to it, rather an active inclusion and involvement of our spirit, as well as our body. We are healed and transformed precisely because we include our spirituality and physicality when dealing with our personality.


Through a fusion of applied body-centered, relational and transpersonal therapeutic methods we can resolve our ‘inner child’ pain and heal our ‘core’ wounds. On the one hand, connecting with our body helps us access our hidden emotions and buried pain, and become revitalised and animated. On the other, developing a heart-centered intimacy with our spiritual ‘higher’ self, we gain access to all its resources.


Overall, this results in a supremely practical and effective approach in addressing our psychological issues. It is also immensely helpful in meeting our daily challenges, enabling us to live our life in a way that brings about increasing wholeness and wellness. Integral Core Therapy therefore has psychosomatic, psychotherapeutic and spiritual applications. It works on physical, personal and transpersonal levels to both heal our personal issues and reveal our pristine inner nature. The aim is to integrate the entirety of who we are into an integrated self.


The challenge with therapy, as well as spirituality, is to go beyond our conditioning. To realise who we truly are it is imperative we release ourselves from the negative beliefs stemming from the indoctrination and wounding in our childhood. If we focus solely on our personality we miss out on the enormous potential of the rest of our being. To have any possibility managing this, we need to understand and fully engage with the legacy of our upbringing and how it has impacted on all our facets - spiritual, personal and physical.


To accomplish such a holistic vision Integral Core Therapy uses three modes that work in a synergistic way. Used together they create a coherent approach which touches all that makes us human. This unified whole is greater than the sum of its parts – it is a truly integral system. By working with the entire spectrum of our psyche, ego and soma in a cohesive way, lasting positive outcomes are possible. Vital Energetics deal with the corporeal, Integral Dynamics with the psychological and Core Resources with the spiritual.


Energetics work predominantly to invigorate, loosen, relax and comfort our body. Working on a physical level helps establish the foundation for a more grounded and secure sense of self. It also contributes to healing psychosomatic conditions which promotes health, vitality and in turn wellness.


Dynamics address personal issues by unlocking the unconscious elements of our psychological patterns. The defensive and masked layers of our personality are gently dismantled to enable us access the authentic self. Dynamics reach deep inside to remedy the entangled hurt, outrage and confusion of ourinner child’. By bringing light to our personal blind spots, deep transformation is possible.


Resources continue the process of self-enquiry and core integration by engaging directly with our essential nature, heart feelings and spiritual consciousness. By progressively embodying these, we initiate an ever deeper awakening of our human potential. This process is both a humanistic and a spiritual self-realisation.


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