Amadis Cammell

Vital Spirit Qigong

Jing Shen Qi Gong

Oscar Herwitt is a practitioner in Clinical Massage, Acupuncture, and Tui Na therapy at The Open Door clinic.

Vital Spirit Qigong is an Internal Qigong practice based on the ancient Chinese systems known as Vitality Practice (Qi Gong) and Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan).

Vitality Practice focuses on the body - it increases vitality, rectifies deficiencies, rejuvenates physical structures, thus benefiting your health and wellness.

Specific postures, movements, forms and breath sequences connect you to the vital energy (Qi) both outside you and within you. This replenishes your vital life forces which increases your robustness and energy and ability to deal with health issues. Qi brings about a detoxification of to cleanse and purify the body as well as a transformation of negativity and imbalances. The practices that do this are also known as Medical Qigong and are both part and foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Internal Alchemy focuses on the mind and spirit - it transforms, centers and grounds you, and develops your inner potential, helping improve your general well–being.

Meditations, visualisations and mental attunements combined with breathwork connect you to your vital spirituality (Jing Shen). The perception of your essential reality and innate spirituality helps mitigate the effects of daily stresses and strains you encounter as well as increases your capacity for inner harmony, mental clarity and emotional stability.

With this holistic style of Qigong you engage with the Yin-Yang, Three Treasures and Five Elements, which are found in ourselves, in nature and the cosmos. They denote fundamental principles in Qigong, Chinese Medicine and Daoist Philosophy. This particular way of Internal Qigong facilitates you to experience your integral place in the universe and access your spiritual, vital and essential resources. As a result both your physical health and psychological wellbeing improve.

I have studied and taught various styles of Chinese Qigong, including Medical Qigong for decades. I bring insights from my study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy, as well as my 30-plus years practicing classical acupuncture and Body-Centred psychotherapy.

There are classes, courses and workshops held in Brighton, Lewes and Ardingly.

“I only started doing chi gung in September and have already noticed an improvement in my general health and stamina and have a greater sense of wellbeing. I feel more positive, stronger in myself and am more able to tackle things.  Amadis uses a gentle intuitive approach in his classes which are safe, supportive and nurturing and the sessions are energising and empowering as well as healing and relaxing.

Chi gung taps into your very essence - the chi - an elusive but real energy and it’s available to all of us. The effects are subtle but accumulative. Chi gung is like keeping the body’s pilot light burning strongly to give the body the strength to deal with the physical and mental challenges of life and it works! If you have spent a lifetime trying to find something to help improve your energy and health, then do yourself a favour, try chi gung and watch the benefits. I am grateful to have found this form of self-healing which I am now committed to doing for life. Thank you Amadis!!”

LS, London Dec. 2015

“I have been doing Qi Gong for over 20 years and I find that it helps me to cope with the stresses of everyday life. It is particularly helpful in combatting the effects of long hours at the computer. Practising Qi Gong helps to balance the flow of energy in your body, at the same time putting you in touch with the universal cosmic energy, which helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. The combination of gentle exercise and meditation is especially beneficial. I particularly like the practices connected with the elements and the seasons, because they bring us closer to nature and make us aware of the energy of each season, even in an urban environment.”

Pat O, London June. 2018

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