Amadis Cammell


Oscar Herwitt is a practitioner in Clinical Massage, Acupuncture, and Tui Na therapy at The Open Door clinic.

Vital Spirit Qigong (Jing Shen Qi Gong) is an ancient Chinese practice also known as Internal
Alchemy (Nei Dan). This holistic style of Qigong is based on the principles and practices of
Yin-Yang, The Five Elements and Medical Qigong.

The aim of these fortnightly sessions is to help you access your vital and spiritual resources
and heal your body. Through postures, movements, voicework and breathwork you connect to your life forces
(Qi) and integrate your physical, vital and spiritual energies. This results in increased vitality
and improved health and wellness.

Through meditation, visualisation and attunement practices you perceive the consciousness,
presence and vitality of your spirit (Jing Shen). In Chinese philosophy by experiencing this
innate reality you come to realise your integral connection with all life. It also awakens your
heart and mind which fosters greater inner harmony, tranquillity, insight and wellbeing.

For the last 30 years I have learned and taught various styles of Daoist and Medical Qigong. I
bring insights gained through my study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy, as well
as 32 years practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, which enrich the classes.

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“I attended Amadis’ workshop at into the wild festival ‘connect to spirit’. It was a lovely small group, a mixture of connection and guided meditation and optional sharing: both were very useful. I found this session helpful to integrate into my own spiritual practice. Amadis shared techniques that are very practical that not only enhance my personal connection to spirit but also where I integrate into my work practice.” Caz, September 18