Write and Revitalise

Wednesdays, 10.00am to 12.30pm, 16 Jan to 6 Feb (follow up Wed 27 Feb)

Want to make changes in your life? Not sure of your next step?

In this course of five workshops we'll use writing in creative and fun ways:

  • to help express and clarify thoughts

  • make creative links and connections

  • encourage resilience

  • throw light on where we are and where we want to be

A safe and supportive space facilitated by experienced writing for wellbeing practitioner, Christine Hollywood of New Chapter. 

Writing is shown to positively impact physical, emotional and mental health.

£125. Further info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/write-and-revitalise-tickets-53436655475

Abundance & Prosperity Course - setting a clear intention for 2019 - UPDATE - NOW CANCELLED.

If you are interested in this course please contact Ann-Marie on 07751 158339 or go to her website www.ann-mariemarchant.co.uk

Mindfulness and Compassion Graduate Course

4 weeks starting Saturday 26th January, 10am - 12 noon. 

For those who have previously completed an 8-week mindfulness course.

Refresh your mindfulness practice and learn new approaches to cultivating calmer, more positive states of mind. 

In these courses we revisit the 8-week courses and introduce new themes and practices, for example, approaches for cultivating kindness and self-compassion. There will be support for renewing and continuing home practice as well as opportunities to explore whatever themes and questions are 'live' for course participants. 

The course will be led by Annie Akasati McAuley who for over 30 years has had a personal practice of mindfulness and has worked with an intention to conscious intention to cultivate compassion. Annie Akasati lives in Lewes and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation for two decades. For more information see her website.

New Pregnancy Yoga Class with Joanna Johnson

Tuesdays 11.15am to 12.45pm

I have been practising yoga since 1997 and teaching since 2000. I specialise in applying fluid, functional asana (poses), pranayama (breathwork) and yoga nidra (embodied meditation) to all areas of women’s lives: fertility and conception, menstrual health, pregnancy, birth preparation, postnatal recovery and the later postnatal phases, and the menopause and beyond.

I teach classes, workshops and private sessions to women and their partners, and teach and advise on my areas of expertise on yoga training courses. I also run bespoke training courses and mentorships (increasingly online). I have trained with the major providers of women’s yoga that I consider to offer sensitive, ethical, clear ways of approaching the female body (the Active Birth Centre with whom I completed an extensive apprenticeship, Birthlight, Womb Yoga and the Yoga Nidra Network), and this has intersected with my many years of daily practice to allow me to offer individualised teaching within a group setting.

I’m delighted to be teaching a new pregnancy/active birth yoga class at the Open Door, and look forward to sharing practical techniques to navigate the demands and delights of parenthood in ways that honour the wisdom of the female body, yoga’s traditions, and modern knowledge.

Drop in £15, block of 5 (to use within 6 weeks) £70

Concessions available, please ask.

For more information please see http://www.whisperingbodies.wordpress.com/ or contact Joanna:- jo@redmoonyoga.co.uk

Qi Gong with Tracie Storey

Starting on Friday 1st March, then 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th March 2019, 9.30am - 10.30am

Chi is energy

The vital force of life in the Universe.

Chi travels from the stars, planets and nature through the subtle bodies and animates the physical plane. When we work with Chi and feel its energy running through our physical and subtle bodies, we know from experience the substance of the Universe. We realise that this spirit flows through us physically and permanently. As we develop our own energy, we form a link to the greater parts of ourselves.

The Tao Yin Fa Series empowers the Chi of the organs by stretching the twelve acupuncture meridians, the class includes breath work and mudras, as well as the inner work of sound and colour at the consciousness level. The synthesis of the colour, movement and sound wakes up and redirects Chi within the body.

The Qi Gong class helps you to activate your energy portals by bringing more Qi/Chi to your meridians, organs & more life into your energy system.

During the Qi Gong classes we combine movements on the physical up to the spiritual level using the Tao Yin Fa series which is divinely inspired yet grounded in Chinese Medicine and the 5 element theory and honors the Master's Lineage of Sensei Ueshiba and Sensei Nakazono who trained Fabien Maman of the Tama Do Academy. The class is easily accessible and immensely beneficial and at the most basic level helps one to ground in daily life. Meditation will also be a part of the class as well as elements of mantra - particularly ancient Tibetan mantras which help to empower our organs with voice and chi.

For more information please contact Tracie:- tracie@elementalresonance.com

Over 60's Weekly Wellbeing Drop In

Every Monday! 10am to 11.30am 

Weekly activity plus tea and cake in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Next topic, on Mon 21st January - Chair Yoga with Kathryn Van Howe

At the Open Door, Church Twitten, 32 High Street, Lewes, BN7 2LU

Cost: £2 per person

Looking forward to seeing you here!


Yoga with Anita

Next on Wed 23rd January at 10.00am.


  • Wednesdays 10-11am

All ages and levels of experience are welcome, and equipment is provided. Each class is an hour long and costs £10.00. For more information please see yogawithanita.co.uk, email anitamhall@gmail.com or call Anita on 07764 580767


Vital Spirit QiGong

With Amadis Cammell

7pm to 9pm on alternate Thursdays, next on 24th January

Vital Spirit Qigong (Jing Shen Qi Gong) is an ancient Chinese practice also known as Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan). This holistic style of Qigong is based on the principles and practices of Yin-Yang, The Five Elements and Medical Qigong.

The aim of these fortnightly sessions is to help you access your vital and spiritual resources and heal your body.

Through postures, movements, voicework and breathwork you connect to your life forces (Qi) and integrate your physical, vital and spiritual energies. This results in increased vitality and improved health and wellness.

Through meditation, visualisation and attunement practices you perceive the consciousness, presence and vitality of your spirit (Jing Shen). In Chinese philosophy by experiencing this innate reality you come to realise your integral connection with all life. It also awakens your heart and mind which fosters greater inner harmony, tranquillity, insight and wellbeing.

For the last 30 years I have learned and taught various styles of Daoist and Medical Qigong. I bring insights gained through my study of Classical Chinese language and philosophy, as well as 32 years practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, which enrich the classes.

For more information please go to www.vitalspiritqigong.com or Facebook - @VSQigong
For further details contact Amadis on 07941 665506 or amadis@inspiritway.com


Mindful Weight Management

with Jan Eaton

One of the main problems with weight loss diets is that they don’t take account of the underlying causes of overeating. The focus of most diets is on counting calories, and the only measure of success is the number on the scales. Food becomes a means to an end as you’re subjected to someone else’s rules.

An alternative approach is mindful, or intuitive, eating where the focus is on looking at why, where, when and how you eat rather than what you eat. The aim is to improve your relationship with food, feel more positive about yourself, and achieve a sense of freedom and enjoyment around eating. Weight loss is safe, natural and sustainable.

For those who are interested in this approach to eating and weight management, I will be running a six-week coaching course on mindful weight management at The Open Door starting in the New Year, dates to be advised.

To find out more please visit my website: www.janeaton.co.uk