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Qi Gong

The ancient art of Qi Gong is the collective term for a long-established set of exercises first created in China more than 2,000 years ago. Qi Gong can be described as a moving meditation but with significant health benefits, it's a powerful holistic practice for both the body and the mind and is considered a form of exercise but also a mental skill that can be mastered over time with practice. 

The Qi Gong postures increase the supply and flow of vital energy throughout the body, inducing calm, mental and emotional states with a variety of rejuvenating effects. The ancient Taoists believed Qi Gong increases longevity and certainly improves your vital energy. In the Elemental Resonance Qi Gong Series I & II classes we will activate our key energy portals, building and expanding our connection to our vital Qi, our meridians and our organs by bringing more life into our energy systems.

Corinna Kitchen is a practitioner in Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy at The Open Door clinic.

The classes help to activate and empower your physical system into a more vital state of being by using a combination of Sound, Colour and Movement. By stretching the twelve acupuncture meridians we work to empower the Qi of the organs. Each class includes breath work and mudras, as well as the synthesis of colour, movement and sound which wakes up and redirects Qi within the body.

When we work with Qi and feel its energy running through our physical and subtle bodies, we know from experience the substance of the Universe. We realize that this spirit flows through us physically and permanently and as we develop our own energy, we form a link to the greater parts of ourselves.

Tracie is a Vibrational Sound Practitioner and Qi Gong Teacher, she runs workshops and classes in Evolve Wellness Centre & Tri-yoga in London.

As well as hosting workshops in beautiful centres around the world in Bali, Mexico, Peru and Canada.


......Thank you Tracie for another wonderful Qi Gong course at Evolve, it has been very enjoyable and a real pleasure. It was great to see some familiar faces from the previous course and I really enjoyed revisiting the movements and course content. Unfortunately I can’t make the Series 11 course due to travel commitments, but would certainly sign up for either level course should they run again........’ Henry Gregor

"Qi Gong has bought me a new level of vitality and mobility - and I have been doing Yoga regularly for over a decade. Tracie is a great teacher.”  Krishna

"I have attended 4 week Qi Gong course with Tracie at Evolve wellness centre. This is my first time experiencing Qi Gong and it was so beneficial for me as a Reiki practitioner. I started using Qi Gong warm up as a preparation for the Reiki treatment, it gives me an instant energy boost. Tracie made it very clear and easy to understand and practice. Would love to follow up in Series II.” - Mariam Zeinalova


Tracie is currently running a series of classes here in Lewes  - for more information contact her on:

Tel: 07958 327893

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