Shiri Dobson Yonish

Counselling and Psychotherapy



My name is Shiri and I am offering Transactional Analysis (TA) Counselling and Psychotherapy at The Open Door clinic.

I have completed four years of Counselling and Psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis in 2017, and now I continue to work as a trainee towards my qualification.

During my training, I worked as a volunteer counsellor for young people and adults and gained experience in working with: Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem issues, Self Harm, Suicidal issues, Relationship issues, Trauma, Bereavement and Grief.

In my work I am guided by the basic assumptions of TA which are:

  • People are worthy of respect.

  • People can think and therefore are responsible for their decisions and their actions.

  • People decide their own destiny and those decisions can involve change. This gives us the potential to make deep, profound, lasting changes in the way we live our lives.

I view Counselling and Psychotherapy as a dynamic process, created between us. I play an active part in this process by reflecting, asking questions and sharing. However, the main work will be done by you. You will need to be an active participant on your journey of change.

I am happy to support individuals eighteen and over on a face to face basis for short or long term therapy.

I offer a place where you can feel welcome, listened to in a non-judgemental way, feel safe and be yourself, in a confidential setting.

My aim is to support you in exploring and understanding what is concerning you in your life, so you can gain relief and confidence in finding a way forward to live your life in full.

For further details please visit my website:- or call The Open Door Clinic to book appointments on 01273 474949.