Sarah Holloway

Oscar Herwitt is a practitioner in Clinical Massage, Acupuncture, and Tui Na therapy at The Open Door clinic.

Holistic Massage, Hot Stones Massage

I have been practising Holistic Massage and Hot Stones Massage for many years, supporting people through therapeutic touch. These treatments help to bring the mind and body back into balance and remind us of how we’d really like to feel.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a relaxing treatment with a wide range of attributes, not least being able to help enhance and nurture a deeper sense of wellbeing. It can also contribute towards alleviating muscle aches and pains, headaches and fatigue, as well as pain relief from conditions such as M.S. or Fybromyalgia.

Holistic Massage can help to boost the immune system and to promote better quality sleep. Physical and emotional wellbeing can be supported through this treatment and the feeling during and afterwards can help us to blissfully unwind as the muscles and mind relax.

You can choose to have a full body massage or to focus more on specific areas such as your back, neck and shoulders. Organic oil will be used for your treatment.

Sarah Holloway is a Hot Stones massage therapist at The Open Door Clinic in Lewes

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage is also a relaxing treatment, using the addition of heat to aid this. Iron rich basalt stones are heated safely in water to massage the muscles. Organic base oil is massaged onto the skin before the stones are applied. The heat from the stones radiates and penetrates into the muscles, sometimes having quite a profound effect.

I intersperse massaging and placement of the Hot Stones with applying Holistic Massage techniques, using a combination of oil, heat and touch.


Holistic Massage: £45.00 for 1 hour; £60.00 for an hour and a half.

Hot Stones Massage: £60.00 for 1 hour; £70.00 for an hour and a half.

First appointments will include a confidential 10 minute consultation.

Concessionary rates of a £5 reduction apply.

Please call 01273 474949 to book.



“I had a 90 minute Hot Stones Massage with Sarah. The warmth of the stones, combined with Sarah’s wonderful Massage technique left me feeling relaxed, calm and warm” (Anthea, Oct ’18)