Kathy Johnson

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Rachel Briggs is a practitioner in aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Reflexology at The Open Door clinic.

“Some day the medical profession will wake up and realise that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of the primary healing tools....as it is for me.” Dr  Eric Robins - MD

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be helpful in addressing issues such as :

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Panic attacks


- Grief

- Phobias

- Unresolved emotional issues

- Many physical problems & allergies

As a personal aside  

I come from a working class background where plenty of limiting beliefs grew and grew until they became self-fulfilling prophecies (realities). After all, we are what we think and believe. To give an example:  'I am not worthy enough' - this has had a profound ripple effect on my life causing unwanted patterns of behaviour and self-sabotage. EFT & Matrix Reimprinting have had a deep and lasting effect on my life, helping me to deal positively with the many issues that I have had to face. This was especially true before the birth of my third child, as I was carrying a lot of fear stemming from my experience with the birth of my first child.  EFT helped me free myself of the fears and look forward to, and be present at the birth. 

I am passionate about the efficacy of EFT.  I trained under Val and Paul Lynch (EFT Master) authors of "Emotional Healing in Minutes."  (They appeared on the Richard & Judy show, curing people of their phobias using EFT).  I have also trained in more advanced EFT, namely Matrix Reimprinting with its founder Karl Dawson (EFT Master).

What is EFT & how does it work?

EFT has far reaching effects and can help us to change our outlook on life. Ultimately by changing our perception, we can change everything.

It is referred to as acupuncture for the emotions.  Instead of needles a very gentle tapping sequence is used.  It works on the premise that 'all negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the energy field.'  So, by addressing the emotional issue at hand, and at the same time tapping on the meridian system, the disruption can be removed - taking the emotional ‘charge’ away; leaving you with the memory but not the upsetting feeling.

What happens during a session?

After taking a brief case history, we will focus on the issue in question and tap on specific points which relate to the energy meridians (traditional acupuncture points), by stimulating these points, negative energy in your system is released. The tapping is very gentle and carried out while the client is in a seated position, fully clothed.

You will be taught how to apply this technique for yourself at home.

At the end of the session people often find peace and clarity and are able to invite better experiences into their lives, via the law of attraction.

How many sessions will I need?

It can be a remarkably quick process, people often only needing one to three sessions to work on issues, in order to clear them. However, as multi-faceted beings, our problems tend to be layered, especially the programming and events that occurred in our formative years i.e. 0 - 6 years of age, and this work is usually ongoing.   

The technique you will be taught can be used throughout your life as a tool for self-development and healing.

I offer free 15 minute consultations.


Kathy Johnson: 07952 999987



“I was amazed at the powerful healing effects of EFT and Kathy’s gentle healing approach helped me release a lot of emotional blockages and help make sense of old negative patterns, also helping free up tension in my physical body.” Vicky Cooper, Therapist

“The treatment was really helpful at identifying and shifting a crucial emotional reaction, which has been having a negative impact on my life for the last 23 years. As a result other emotional reactions now make complete sense. I would highly recommend Kathy as an EFT practitioner.”   Muna, Social Services.

“The way that I felt safe to open up and feel the energies/emotions move and release when Kathy was doing the Reiki and EFT, meant that they were experiences of healing that really created some changes for me. Both therapies made me feel that Kathy was able to connect with deeply positive energy and use it in a way that felt profound but safe and comfortable. I felt the imprint of things from my past could be faced up to and rewritten little by little.” Sherie Gabrielle, MNIMH (Medical Herbalist)

For more information about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting please refer to emofree.com and matrix reimprinting.com and eftuniverse.com 

Sister site: thewiseway.co.uk