Jacky Adams practices counselling, and CBT therapy at The Open Door clinic.

Jacky Adams

Counselling, CBT Therapy

Hello and a warm welcome to my profile.

My name is Jacky Adams and I work as both a counsellor and as a CBT therapist often combining both approaches in order to offer you a truly individual therapy that best fits your needs

I provide a warm, safe space in which you can explore what is troubling you, sharing with me what you cannot perhaps share with others. I work collaboratively, offering you the opportunity to be fully understood in a confidential relationship.

I currently work part time in the NHS as a CBT therapist and part time in private practice at ‘The Open Door’ clinic. At the NHS I have treated many people who struggle with social relationships, or who find themselves worrying all the time, unable to ‘switch off’ and therefore feeling constantly exhausted. Each worry seems to lead to another worry until they are lost in a constant stream of ‘What if?’ questions.

Also, I’ve got experience of working with those who are depressed, who feel low and as if sometimes there is not much point to being alive. Feeling down, having little energy, and watching life pass you by, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated again. As a therapist I am able to effectively work with you to break the patterns of behaviour that are keeping you chained in familiar depressive cycles, that can feel like an endless ‘Groundhog Day’ of depression.

I’ve worked with lots of difficulties including bereavement, panic disorder, work related stress, low self-esteem (e.g. thinking ‘I’m not good enough’), relationship difficulties, family problems and so on.

I’m used to working with both adults and with teenagers. Having been a High School teacher for over ten years and having worked in a local school as a counsellor, and at ‘The Mix’ with 16- 25 year olds, I am experienced at working with common teenage/young adult difficulties including self-harm, low self-esteem anxiety and low mood.

My qualifications are broad and include:

* Post Graduate Diploma in CBT

* Post Graduate Diploma in Humanistic counselling

* Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling teenagers

* Post Graduate Certificate in Special Education

* Post Graduate Certificate in Education

* Cruse Bereavement Training

Further details can be found at my website:


Client testimonials

Above all, I am someone who values working with people who are finding life difficult. Perhaps the final word should go to some of my previous clients from the last 12 months:

‘Jacky was an excellent practitioner and we had a positive rapport…I feel very confident that the treatment was effective, and I believe it’s made me stronger and more aware of myself.’

‘Jacky has been excellent, very understanding, supportive and a great listener,’

‘I really can’t thank you enough for helping me through one of the hardest times of my life. You have done it so carefully and kindly- your future patients are so lucky to have you.’

‘I have had therapy a few times before, but none has been as helpful as these sessions. I instantly warmed to Jacky, forming a great bond of trust which allowed me to open up on a much more personal level and tackle a lot of deep rooted issues. I always felt listened to and it was lovely to feel like Jacky had a genuine interest in helping me rather than it just being a job.’

‘Because of Jacky’s great work and my determination, I feel like I am now able to control my anxiety and have learned so many great skills.’

‘I received treatment for my social anxiety…something I have suffered with for years…As the weeks have gone on, I have noticed a huge change not only in my confidence, but my outlook on life. I would not be where I am today without the help of my clinician Jacky.’

‘My CBT over the past three months has greatly improved my mood and overall wellbeing. Jacky has helped me understand the triggers for my anxiety and helped me find solutions to make it more manageable. I’m sure these sessions will have a long-lasting effect on my life…I am feeling much more positive about the future.’