Dharmavajra Chris Garland  

Triratna Meditation

PLEASE NOTE that our activities are currently in abeyance. We may start again with a small group meeting later in autumn 2019 or spring 2020. If you are on our mailing list you will be informed of any future meetings. If not, you are welcome to join our mailing list through the link to our website below.

Classes led by Dharmavajra Chris Garland and Akasati Annie McAuley

Practical Meditation

The simplest expression of the Buddhist path is known as the Three-fold Way, which includes ethics, meditation and insight. Of these, meditation is perhaps the most significant. Through meditation we learn to open to a spacious, mindful awareness that can inform our actions in the world and allow us to see more clearly into the limiting views we hold that affect our happiness.

Our classes take place in the context of a friendly and mutually supportive group. You will learn about meditation practice within a Buddhist context and how this can feed into and benefit our daily lives. You will also find help in developing and maintaining a regular meditation practice of your own but just as important is the opportunity to share and to hear from others of like mind exploring their experience in this way.

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