Caz Mcdonagh is a practitioner in meditation and craniosacral therapy at The Open Door clinic.

Caz Mcdonagh




I was introduced to holistic health when I lived in South East Asia for ten years.  I recognised the value in whole person healing as a lifestyle and trained in various healing modalities, including Oneness Deeksha at the Oneness University in India. Deeksha means ‘energy’ which is essentially the life force that is within all of us. This energy can become blocked or misdirected on a physical, mental or emotional level as a result of our life experiences.

I also trained in Craniosacral Therapy in Bangkok, Thailand and I took my UK diploma in Craniosacral Therapy at The London College of Craniosacral Therapy when I returned to my home city of London in 2014. I am a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association, UK.

The intention of my work, whether it is through Oneness Deeksha or Craniosacral therapy is to access, release and enhance this life force energy which then facilitates whatever healing we may need.

I’m passionate about Oneness Deeksha, Craniosacral Therapy and meditation and the potential benefits of connection, embodiment, grounding and healing offered by these different approaches.

Chanting Deeksha Meditation

This is a wonderful group sitting meditation class, one Saturday morning per month, for one hour.  We all sit in chairs, though a cushion on the floor is an option if you prefer.

I will guide everyone into a meditative state whereby everyone sets their private intention for the class.  Then I will guide all through the various chakra (energy) centres in the body and the specific chants for each chakra.  

Our chakras all have their 'own individual job to do' in order to keep our mind and body in harmony.  They can often become out of balance due to excessive thought patterns, illness, hormone imbalances and lifestyle choices.  This practice is a very effective technique to bring all chakras back into balance again.

We close our eyes and get lost in the vibration of sound that we all create together.  Allowing oneself to fully express sound, in a safe space, is a liberation.

While all remain with eyes closed, I will guide participants to remember their personal intention, then offer a non obligatory 'Deeksha' energy transmission, intended to bring peace, inner connection and healing.

It's a beautiful class that I adore facilitating. Some feedback comments from these classes have been...

"Wonderfully cleansing and invigorating"

"I feel as though i've climbed a mountain, without the physical exertion"

"Very grounding and rejuvenating"

“A perfect start to the weekend”

“Whenever I attend Caz’s Chant Circle it always makes me feel so cleansed, re-energised and a sense of feeling balanced. A very empowering sound therapy.”

“Amazing experience, very powerful. Thank you Caz”


To book contact Caz on 07477 473673 or email