Angie Asplin MFHT

Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Reiki

I have over a decade’s experience working within clinics, from home and at a Lewes Mental Health drop-in centre. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Facial Rejuvenation Massage is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic beauty care and was devised by Kundan Mehta, wife of Narendra Mehta MBE (who introduced Indian Head Massage to the UK). No products are required for this treatment, not even oil. Over the course of an hour, the face and jaw muscles are relaxed by unique movements. 

I am also a Reiki Master, aromatherapist and qualified in Indian Head Massage and facials. These skills enable me to provide bespoke restorative treatments. 


Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Facial Rejuvenation is ideal for addressing eye puffiness/dark circles and facial contours. Increased circulation to the face and supporting structures brings back oxygen and nutrients which improve the appearance and the feel of the skin. It is a deeply relaxing experience to have the tension ‘ironed out’ of your face and see your natural glow re-emerge. Best results can be seen as part of a course but still beneficial as an individual treatment.


Pronounced ‘ray-key’, which is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. A non-invasive natural healing treatment, given through clothing, energy is channelled via the chakras (our energy centres) and this flows to wherever our body needs it most. Reiki supports the natural healing processes, calming the mind and emotions into a feeling of peace. Those who receive Reiki sometimes report seeing colours, feeling heat or tingling, or can fall into a deep sleep. A very effective way of restoring balance when life is overwhelming.

Mini Rejuvenator

It really is what you think it is ~ time out when you’re short on time. A fabulous combination of Indian Head Massage and Facial Rejuvenation in 30 minutes. 

Aromatherapy Marma Point Face Massage

Working on the facial Marma points (which are regarded as the seats of vital energy in Ayurvedic medicine, linked to the Chakras). Releases stress and tension from the face and scalp, increasing lymph flow and restoring radiance from within. This massage is accompanied by a blend of essential oils to nourish the skin and lift the senses.


“I spent an amazingly relaxing afternoon having one of Angie’s face massages. I was greeted with a warm welcome, then had the procedure fully explained. During the massage, I felt the stress and tension from my head and face, just melt away. The before and after pictures clearly showed a more defined jaw line and a healthy radiance which intensified over the next few days. I felt like my face had been magically rejuvenated….. Thank you.”   Dee June 2019

“Just received the most amazing rejuvenating facial. My skin is brighter, firmer and glowing. Wish I had taken before and after pictures.” Sue April 2019

“The face massage with Angie was extraordinary. I am looking forward to more and would absolutely recommend…my skin feels amazing! Angie has a precious gift…go you won’t regret it!..” Mia, March 2019

“ I had Facial Rejuvenation Massage with Angie a week ago and can still see the benefits. The treatment itself was wonderfully relaxing and definitely more than a massage. Angie worked all over my face targeting my jaw area at my request. Before and after photos showed a dramatic lift in the jowls as well as a widening of the eyes and less lines around the mouth. This is FANTASTIC and would recommend it to anyone who wants to take years off their face.”   Sara December 2018


Alternate Fridays, 2-6pm by appointment. You can book directly with The Open Door (01273 474949) or contact me through my website:

Oscar Herwitt is a practitioner in Clinical Massage, Acupuncture, and Tui Na therapy at The Open Door clinic.