Corinna Kitchen is a practitioner in Biodynamic Massage and Psychotherapy at The Open Door clinic.

Amber Thorne 

Biophoton Light Therapy

I help people suffering with pain and emotional stress to release pain and tension, sleep better, restore healthy hormonal balance and increase energy levels. All of my treatments are gentle, relaxing and non-invasive.

What is Biophoton Light Therapy?

The therapy entails releasing stress from the body through gentle light frequencies using the Biofoton device. Animals and people of all ages can greatly benefit from this unique non-invasive therapy.

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It restores balance and harmony to the body, and allows stress to effortlessly release, activating its own mechanisms of self-regulation and healing.  It removes energy blocks and lets the energy move more evenly and easily.  Biophoton Light Therapy has shown positive results in all levels of the mind, emotions, physical health and chakras.

"I have had numerous treatments with Amber, and I have to say she was an angel who rescued me at the eleventh hour (literally she gave up her New Year’s Eve for me) in a time of acute emotional distress following the sudden end of a violent relationship. I had never had biophoton light therapy before and I will never forget the first moment she put the glasses emitting light on me;  I knew I was in the right place - it was so soothing and calming on every part of me, physically and emotionally. She regularly used the other facets of the light therapy on me, for the continued release of emotions, to back pain and a post-operative healing knee (every time I felt benefits and relief from pain and inflammation). At one point too I had a really bad cold/virus and was losing my voice - after a session of light therapy and massage I could sing! I literally burst into tears of gratitude." - Camilla M, Musician & Actor



I was previously a police officer, and after suffering post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from an incident on patrol, the recommended anti-depressant medication route did not work. Complementary therapies fully restored my health and wellbeing, and when I returned to full operational duties I decided to study and qualify in the most effective treatments. I was nominated as a Wellbeing Ambassador at work, supporting colleagues in overcoming work/home life challenges. I was determined to help people who have suffered a setback to not give up hope.

I'm trained to help people to recover in the fastest and most effective ways available and have been providing treatments since retiring from the police service in 2017, having served 15 years in the Metropolitan Police Service.


I’m professionally trained in the following - Biophoton Light Therapy, Ascension Meditation, Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner, Angel Tarot Card, Aromatherapy Massage. In addition to this I have completed courses with Landmark Education and Dr John Demartini.

Co-author of the book Inspiration Bible, I’m also featured in Life Sync: A Twenty-Something's Guide to Matching Who You Are With How You Live by Vanessa Bork.

No matter what has happened to you, you don't have to suffer any more. Happiness, peace and vitality can be experienced again. Please get in touch for your free initial assessment.

Amber Thorne - 07375 047401


"I booked treatments with Amber as I had work-related shoulder pain, and was concerned that I wouldn't be able to continue working. The light treatment she administers is quick, non-invasive and pleasant, and far exceeded my expectations - I've since worked for several days with no pain whatever.  Not only this, but I left with a feeling of overall health and wellbeing, not least in part to Amber's warm, caring and enthusiastic approach.  Highly recommended - thank you!" - Jill A, Events Promoter   

"I had a terrible UTI which was extremely painful. I’d had this before, and the doctors didn’t find anything in their tests, so I didn’t have any medication. I experienced a lot of pain due to this. After receiving a couple of treatments the symptoms including the pain disappeared more and more, and after some days they had vanished completely. As well as removing my physical symptoms, Amber was also an excellent therapist to talk to. I found her company to be very soothing in a time where I was physically ill. I had some challenges in my private life, and Amber used the light treatment for the chakras. I cannot explain what happened, but in the days after I felt an increasing ability to speak my truth more and more. It was as though some kind of mental barrier was removed, and I was able to express myself in a completely different way than before. That’s the way it felt to me at least. I also experienced an increasing amount of self-confidence, which I believe to be  a direct result of this." - Thomas T, Classical Singer  

"I would highly recommend treatment with Amber; after just one session with her the pain of a long-standing issue with my left shoulder was greatly relieved. Consequently I have experienced a huge improvement in the range of motion and freedom of movement in my shoulder girdle. Amber's approach is very professional and she has a genuine and passionate desire to help others." - Simon H, Meditation Teacher

"I was recently in a motorbike accident. Nothing bad, I was almost standing still when I fell, and I really thought I had nothing. But a few hours later, I had a 10/10 pain in my chest, breathing was becoming almost impossible. At that moment I didn’t know if it was muscular, bones-related, or maybe linked to my pleura. After 36 hours of almost constant pain, especially when I was walking and when I activated my arms, I was stuck in a 3-day seminar, with no immediate way to ease the pain. And then my neighbour asks me about my obvious pain, and tells me, "My name’s Amber, I’m a therapist who helps people in pain". God bless you miss. 5 or 10 minutes later, the pain was still there, but never above 2/10 anymore. And though two weeks later my muscular injury is almost gone, I can say that her therapy has been so unexpectedly efficient, helping me to enjoy the remaining days of my seminar." - Damien M, Bank Employee

"This treatment is very different from most I have experienced. Starting with a relaxing cycle of lights over my eyes with the glasses, I began to feel much lighter. I felt different parts of my body soften and relax as the lights were projecting onto my eyes. Amber then followed this with a program tailormade just for me and my personal health issues. From eyestrain to asthma, back ache and a sore knee, each area was addressed in a very thorough session. I was left feeling very relaxed and much lighter all round, with all the aches and pains completely gone." - Sally P, Reiki & Meditation Teacher