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Integral Core Therapy 

Holistic, body-centred and spiritual psychotherapy

Integral Core Therapy (ICT) takes a holistic approach, incorporating relational therapy, which considers your inner adult, parent and child, along with body-centred mindfulness and spiritual experience. Combined together, these are powerful instruments for deep personal healing, transformation and self-realisation.

How it works
ICT works with the mind, heart, body and spirit to offer a truly holistic approach. It can help you come to terms with past pain, heal old wounds, release shock, discover self-love and realise what you can become.

It has three distinct layers which are used in an integral way to bring about fundamental change.

Vital Energetics invigorate, relax and comfort the body. They help establish a grounded and stable sense of self and free vital energy which can expedite the healing of psychosomatic conditions.

Integral Dynamics address psychological issues by providing insight to the causes of your distress and by gently dismantling negative patterns. By bringing light to your blind spots, deep transformation is possible.  

Core Resources facilitate deeper access to the authentic self by engaging directly with your essential nature. Practices honed for you progressively help embody your spiritual qualities and awaken your heart and mind. This approach can become part of the journey to self-realisation. 

Who it benefits
ICT can benefit anyone looking to increase the sense of inner integration and wellbeing that come when difficult psychological issues and patterns, such as childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress, bereavement, heartbreak, persistent anger, depression, anxiety, etc are released.

 As your therapist I will support you to:
Understand the causes of your distress
Alleviate chronic emotional pain   
Address relationship issues  
Realise your fundamental value and self-worth
Accept, appreciate and care for yourself

What are the positive outcomes:
It turns suffering into a catalyst for growth
It builds emotional resilience to deal with uncontrollable events
It helps you to appreciate all that makes life sweet and meaningful
It inspires you to live a more authentic and fulfilling life

Internally you will enhance your capacity to:
Access your innate resources
Express the love in your heart
Develop greater trust in existence
Connect with your innate spirituality
Find your core self.

As a therapy practitioner, my practice has deepened in the work I do because of the teachings I have acquired from Amadis which has taken me on a personal and spiritual journey over 8 years, giving me the professional tools to help in a world that so needs healing. My confidence has extended that as a human being, I have faced the fears which once prevented me from becoming who I really am.”

Lynn M (from Bristol)

“My experience of therapy with Amadis has been very positive. He has strong interpersonal skills, a thorough knowledge of differing approaches and extensive experience in treatment, which I found allowed me to trust in him and our approach to exploring my issues. I found this an effective way to work on issues concerning me. Expressing ideas or thoughts through the body engaged me more directly with my emotion. This is not to say that there was no discussion or analysis.

This combination of body work and analysis was a powerful approach for me which really helped me to explore issues and find practical ways to manage them. Obviously, everybody has different needs, however, if you feel wary or frustrated by more traditional analytical talking therapies, I recommend trying the approach used by Amadis. I have found it effective, useful and powerful.”

Lewis (from Brighton)

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